How nFOPT® & Smart Care System
can help fight

You must know the successful experience, maybe it helps and
saves lives for COVID-19!

death rates in care centers are always very

The Elderly


Cannot Express

Even without a fever
, respiratory changes help us to identify the COVID-19 in early
stages! The smart care system can grasp whether it has
respiratory symptoms at the first moment.

At Huijia

We have a non-invasive
monitoring system-Smart
Care System based on nFOPT® core
technology that can
accurately and
track various first symptoms
of the virus including
respiratory rate and changes
in heart rate, persistent
coughs, sleep quality and
much more.

Total Reflection Principle

No electromagnetic wave



Heart Rate


Sleep /Apnea

Blood Pressure

Vital Signs


Out of Mat/Turn Over

Coughing Tracking

smart care system can grasp whether it has
respiratory symptoms at the first instant. Even
without a fever, respiratory rates and changes
help us to identify the COVID-19 in early

Early stage

How can we help fight COVID-19
in the early stages?


Effectively Tracking

Persistent Coughing

Symptoms Tracking
Monitor Remotely

Smart Care System allows for reduced contact between infected and
non-infected persons.

24 hour monitoring

which provides complete coverage of all patients simultaneously and
puts less pressure and risk on medical staff.

Instantaneous alerts

The system detects changes immediately and alerts users instantaneously.

Waste Reduction

Reducing the contact of the medical staff also reduces the waste of medical.

Sick stage

How can we help fight COVID-19
for the protection of medical staff?

Continuously Tracking


Effectively Tracking

Respiratory Symptoms

Persistent Coughing

Smart Cushion for Lung Function Rehabilitation

(New! Coming Soon)

Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing helps sleep and health improvement: constipation, high blood pressure, irritable bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Breathing process record
Breathing process record
Health Tracking
Recovering stage

How can we help survivors of COVID-19
perform lung function rehabilitation and
accelerate their recovery?


Effectively Tracking

Breathing Exercises

21 Elderly Care Centers

13 Hospitals

are using nFOPT® Smart Care System
to take care of elderly for
prevention of COVID-19 in Taiwan.

24hr Remote Monitoring

Active Physiological Monitoring

Unique features

Non-invasive- nFOPT smart care film (only 2mm working under the pillow and bed cover) allows patients using it to feel at ease with minimal awareness of its existence.

Fiber optic technology- There are no sparks or risks of static electricity. There are also no electromagnetic wave impacts ensuring the highest level of safety for patients.

Higher Sensitivity- allowing for more accuracy in detecting changes.

Using Easily- for Home Care, Care Centers and Hospitals.

nFOPT® Trusted

From 680g Premature Baby

It was developed about 10 years

It has been used in baby care over 9 years

More than 300 baby and elderly care centers

More than 100,000 users

Smart Baby System


Home Care

Elderly Care Center

Newborn Care Center

Hospital + Remote Home Care

Anti-epidemic Hotel

Simple hospital/ Field Hospital



Vaccine Human Experiments

Drug Human Experiments

Safety Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Continuous Data Tracking

People are more safety