We are on a mission to use nFOPT® combined AI to make real life biological data accessible for everyone and enviroment, because it can save lives and improve people’s health and well-being.
nFOPT® won 15 Awards during 2013-2021
Major international awards and professional recognition as follows:
  • 2016 APICTA Awards Health Well-being Winner
  • 2017 R&D 100 Awards Winner ( Listing with NASA, MIT..)
  • 2019 The 5th ECI Award ( Grand ECI & Gold Award)
  • 2019 Women Entrepreneurship Awards Winner
  • 2020 Smart Healthcare of National Healthcare Quality Award (About COVID-19)
  • 2020 Best Choice for Epidemic Prevention of National Healthcare Quality Award (About COVID-19)
  • 2021 GO SMARST Award Finalist- Healthcare (About COVID-19)